Online Events - Transaction Screen


This screen is how you enter your transactions.

Select your TEAM NUMBER from the list (your teacher will provide this).  To the right you will see a field for PIN # (which your teacher will also provide).  The PIN # is to prevent teams from accidentally entering transactions for the wrong team.  Once you enter your team and PIN # correctly, you won't need to enter them again as long as you keep the screen open.

ACTION is what you intend to do.  You'll typically have four options:

BUY - Allows you to buy shares in the quantity (shares or dollars) you specify.
BUY ALL - Invests all your cash on-hand in the stock you specify.
SELL - Allows you sell shares in the quantity you specify.
SELL ALL - Sells your entire holdings of a stock.

STOCK  is the stock you are buying or selling

AMOUNT is the quantity you are buying or selling.  Enter this number without commas or dollar signs

DOLLARS or SHARES - this specifies what the quantity represents.  For example if you want to buy $50,000 worth of a stock, enter 50000 in the AMOUNT, and change the dropdown to DOLLARS.  If you want to buy 20,000 shares of a stock, enter 20000 in the AMOUNT, and change the dropdown to SHARES.

SUBMIT TRANSACTION - this button submits the transaction.  If all goes well, the box underneath will appear in green and show the results.  If the box appears in a red, a problem occured.  Read the message to determine what went wrong.

RESET - this button clears the screen.

TEXT MODE - this changes the screen so you must manually enter stock symbols, which will likely take longer to enter.



Once you have begun trading, your portfolio will appear to the right of the transaction entry screen (see example).

In this example, the team has $64.85 in cash to invest and currently owns shares of VCM, HHQ, IBC, CCC, WYT, WFX, FRM and AMP.

A zero in the Shares column indicates the team owned that stock at some point during the game, but has sold all its shares.