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Online Event - News


The bottom of the Online Status Screen is reserved for news.  The upper line shows the stocks with the biggest gains (in green) and losses (in red).  In the example above, VCM was up $2.51 a share, an increase of 2.08%, while JVP lost $0.80 (a drop of 9.49%).


Breaking news appears underneath.  In this example, the Wall Street Journal is questioning the accounting practices of JVP.  It is extremely important to monitor the news constantly. Some news items have a positive impact, while others are negative.

This example shows a negative news item.  If a stock has questionable accounting practices, it's financial statements may be overly optimistic, and not entirely accurate. If you owned JVP, you might consider selling the stock, or if you were thinking about buying it, you might want to wait and see what happens.