Expanding is expensive!


Expanding a factory costs a lot of money.  So does buying equipment to make the clothing.  They need more employees to run the equipment.  They need more supervisors to make sure everyone is doing a good job.  But that's just the beginning!

They need more salesmen to sell the clothing to stores.  They need more trucks to ship the clothing.  They need more drivers for the trucks.  They need to expand their warehouse and loading dock to handle more trucks.

Of course there will be more administrative expenses too.  More customers means more invoices, so they'll need to hire people to stay on top of things.  Their computers are old and need to be upgraded.  And let's not forget about the office itself!  It's already too small now - what happens when more employees are hired?  They need to upgrade that too!

Amanda and Jessica look at how much this is going to cost.  It's going to cost millions!  How do they pay for all this?