Two examples

Imagine it is 1986, and instead of clothing the company is making computer software.  You have $200 you'd like to invest, so you invest in a new company.  By 2010, that $200 would have grown to $72,000 if that software company you chose was called Microsoft!

Of course there are risks as well.  Investors in one company saw it's stock triple in price on the first day it was sold! Just five months later, it was selling for $174 a share!  If you'd purchased 10,000 shares at the initial price, you'd have turn a profit of $1,500,000 in just six months!

However investor enthusiasm for anything and everything to do with the internet soon faded, and within 3 years, anyone who had held that stock expecting skyrocketing growth would have lost over $1,600,000!  Netcape, the company that had developed an internet browser that was the gold standard at that time, simply couldn't sustain the expectations of an over-inflated stock price combined with low revenues.