Tips & Strategies - Placing Transactions

  1. GET IN FRONT OF THE TRADER - it's loud and lots of people are trying to get his/her attention.  The traders may not hear you unless you are in front.
  2. Use the stock symbols.  Traders know the stocks by their three-letter symbol, not by company name.
  3. If you have more than one transaction to make, WRITE THEM DOWN.  Traders will not wait for you to remember and will move on to the next person.
  4. Give the Trader the transaction in order:  BUY / SELL,  Symbol, Amount
  5. Always give SELL ORDERS FIRST so you have the money for your buy orders.
  6. If you are selling all your shares, say, "SELL ALL" as the first words - it saves traders time.
  7. Buy and sell in even amounts - it'll be easier to remember.
  8. It's OK to buy and sell in dollar amounts instead of shares, but you must say "DOLLARS".
  9. Be sure to find out how many shares your team has purchased.
  10. After a trade, the trader can tell you how much free cash you have - get the information immediately!
  11. Don't walk away until the trader has confirmed your trade!