Take Advantage of Breaks

Your simulation may feature one or more breaks (pauses) during the event.  While this is the ideal time for a quick trip to the restroom, this is not the time to kick back and relax! 

Take advantage of breaks to get organized - does your asset manager have a handle on your portfolio?  If not, get a printout!

How are members of your team performing?  Is your Asset Manager overwhelmed and needing a hand?  Is your Market Analyst interpreting the news properly and quickly?  Are your Portfolio Managers taking too long to make decisions?  Is your Trade Execution Specialist taking too long to get the trades done?  How can these problems be solved?

Consider reorganizing your team - whether you are in first or last place, this is a chance for your team to learn different roles.

Discuss your team's strategy. What is working and what isn't? Are you going to stay with the same strategy? Do you need to adjust it? Do you need to scrap it and try something new?

You only have a few minutes - use them wisely so you can make up ground or extend your lead!